Reclaimed wooden boards

Pine reclaimed boards from Artisan cheese producer. Various sizes available.

New in 210cm L x 39cm W x 2.5cm thick!

Product Description

Reclaimed wooden boards

Reclaimed wooden boards We have a reasonable quantity of reclaimed pine boards which were sourced from an artisan cheese producer in France. The boards vary in dimension but are of excellent quality and suitable for a range of uses including furniture restoration and shelving.

Timber, wood, pine boards/shelves.

Please call for the detailed information on stock and available sizes.

From £15 per linear meter. Length circa 1.25m-2.9m. Widths vary from 37-40cm

New in 210cm L x 39cm W x 2.5cm thick!

circa £24 per linear m.

Pine boards

Pine boards (reclaimed short)

Pine boards

Pine reclaimed boards close up

Reclaimed boards 2m

Reclaimed pine boards 2m


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